Tiny Bunny Planters

Out of all the cuties I’ve made for this Spring season, I think these little cuties are my new favorite. In full disclosure, each time I make something new, it becomes my new favorite. But these!! OMG!!

I’m so inspired by Spring, seeing it as an annual passage into new beginnings. My most creative moments are in Spring and Fall, when the colors of the earth come alive.

I know for many of you in northern states, you’re still battling winter fatigue. But I hope you can look forward to warmer air, sunnier skies, and chirping birds real soon. To help, maybe you can add bursts of bright color, energetic patterns, and lively springtime motifs to your home to effortlessly transition it into spring — now, instead of waiting for Spring to actually have sprung.

These little bunny planters will help, for sure.

Aren’t they the cutest?


The bunnies are from Dollar Tree and they are sold separately as paint kits. You get the little ceramic bunny, a paint brush, and a small paint kit. It has a hook in the top of its head and is intended to be an ornament. I pulled out the hooks in each of my two bunnies. The tiny clay pots are from Dollar Tree and are sold 3 for $1. My greens that I used in the pots are also from Dollar Tree. I used Sheepskin chalk paint, because it’s thicker and usually only requires one coat. Then I also used e6000 glue and hot glue.

Here’s a pic of what the bunnies look like in the packaging:

Let’s get going.

I painted both of my bunnies and the two clay pots with the chalk paint and then set aside to dry.

I wanted to take the clay pots up a notch, so using a sharpie, I wrote Happy Easter on a sheet of vellum, cut the two words out and lightly glued them to the pots. Then I glued some tiny metal flowers to each corner of the vellum. The metal flowers are actually tiny clips left over from my scrapbooking days. When I was satisfied with that, I began gluing the bunnies to the pots. I used a dab of e6000 for strength and a dab of hot glue to hold it in place while the e6000 dries. I let it sit overnight.

They’re already stinkin’ cute, aren’t they?

I was a little concerned about them being top heavy, especially after I fill them with my greens, so I poured a few washers into the bottom of the pots for added weight. It worked perfectly.

Now, at this point, you can go on and do whatever you’d like to do with yours. But I filled mine with succulent-looking greens from Dollar Tree.

Ya’ll, I can’t get enough of their cuteness. What do you think?

Other than letting the e6000 glue overnight, this project took less than an hour to complete.

I have always been a crafter; expressing my creative-ness through sewing, painting, crafting, and cooking. However, never more so than since the coronavirus pandemic has changed the way I live and the way I feel about going out. Crafting — actually being creative, in general — has been my salvation as I work from home and have spent the majority of my waking hours alone. Thank goodness for my down-the-street Dollar Tree store and the stores that have delivery services.

I hope you enjoyed this craft and will send me pics of your completed projects.

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  1. Delores "Dj" Gardner says:

    This is one of my very favorite! SO cute!!!!!


    1. Agree. Be sure to share with your daughter-in-law if she hasn’t already begun following. 🙂


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