Chunky Blankets

Excerpts from a poem by Ann Marie Forest:

A gift from the heart, so very rare,
this blanket, made, with love and care;

Crocheted by hand, each and every stitch,
to keep you warm, cold nights like this.

Don’t ever change, be who you are;
Know that for me, you’re a shining star;

Somewhere up there to guide my way;
Inspiring me; today, and every day.

Take this blanket, stay safe from harm.
Wrap yourself in it, keep yourself warm.

Wherever we go, whatever, from here,
please think of me, keep my memory near.

I’ll be thinking of you each step of the way,
hoping our paths cross again someday.

How many of you, whether living in the tropics or on a snow-capped mountain, sleep with a blanket?

I live in sunny F L A and I sleep with a thermal blanket over me every single night; winter, spring, summer, fall.

According to studies — yes, there are folks out there providing us with scientific research on the use of blankets — sleeping under a blanket is fairly universal!

Included in that info from the scientists is, of course, the fact that our bodies tend to cool down while we’re sleeping, But there’s also a behavioral element to sleeping with blankets, too. Truth be told, we’ve been conditioned to use blankets since birth. Right?

I’m guessing that’s why I get so much enjoyment from making the big, chunky blankets that were really trending two years ago. I don’t care that they are no longer trending, I keep making them. My husband wraps up in one every night while watching television. Our dogs love their blankets. In fact, just look at our little furbabies taking a nap — and notice which bed they’re in — the one with the blanket!

I love my little furbabies so much!

A friend of mine in North Carolina rescues aging dogs so they can live out their final years in comfort. I made a bunch of small blankets and sent them to him. His furbabies loved them, too.

After studying a completed blanket being sold online about four years ago for more than $250, I knew I could figure out how to make them. So, I just taught myself. Then after I made a few, I happened to think, “Why didn’t I look on” Ha ha ha

Anyway, they’re simply a series of slip knots. No knitting needles or crochet hooks — only your fingers. And the great thing is that you can finish one of these blankets in a matter of only 3-hours, Perfect!

Knitting and crocheting have been in my family for generations. The first photo below is a picture of me with a blanket crocheted by my grandmother sitting on the actual afghan that I still have today. We don’t know how old that afghan is, but we do know that it’s at least 70-years old. And the second photo is my mother holding the last blanket she knitted just weeks before she passed. Just look at my mother’s impeccable work and at how proud she is. She once won a blue ribbon at our county fair for one of her knitted blankets.

You can make a chunky blanket using 5-6 skeins of chunky yarn that’s sold at Michael’s, WalMart, Hobby Lobby, and online. Watch for sales at Hobby Lobby and it will cost you less than $35 to make one.

Taking after my mother, I’ve made them as wedding and birthday gifts, as donations for charitable fundraising, and to drape over every bed and seat in my house. ha ha ha

And as you’ll see below, I’ve also made them to take camping! How comfy.

This project is quick, easy and affordable! In the link below, the instructor shares with you the steps it takes to make a beautiful blanket or throw. Her example is a throw, which took her only an hour to make and is only three skeins of chenille yarn from Walmart. Her total cost was only $18.

I’m not kidding when I tell you how simple it is to make your own chunky blanket — but don’t rush it. Just because she says she did it in an hour, don’t let that discourage you if yours takes longer. And remember to keep all of your stitches even.

You’ll probably notice that my stitches/loops are much smaller than hers. That’s simply the way I like my blankets to look. You find what’s right for you.

My latest blanket is my new favorite. I experimented and taught myself how to do the cable stitch. Isn’t it beautiful? This actually belongs to a friend whose blanket was coming apart, so I pulled it all out and made her a new one. Since it seems to go so well in my family room, I might have to keep it. (Shhhh, don’t tell her.)

I hope you’ll get your creative juices flowing and give this a try. It’s quite relaxing and satisfying.

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